Post :

  • I cannot access my account as I forget my Password.

    Please use the ’Forget your password?’ function on the sign in page, where our system will send a reset password confirmation to your registered email address.

  • Why was my post deleted?

    Your post has been considered inappropriate and removed from the site, please also note that repeat offenders will have their accounts locked.

  • How can I upload a new profile picture?

    After logging in, select the ‘view profile’ option and select you’re the profile picture icon.

  • How many posts can I upload?

    There is no limit for posting photos, please post as many as you like.

  • What is the difference between following a person and being friends with a person?

    The primary difference is that you will receive birthday notifications for friends and be able to see the items on their wishlist if you need inspiration on what to buy them for their birthday.

  • What is the wishlist for?

    The wishlist is a place where you can save your favorite items to buy at a later date, or give ideas to friends on what to buy as a present.

  • How do I find new influencers to follow?

    You can find new influencers through Kufed’s journal entries, newsletters or social media updates.

  • Can I delete my own post?

    Yes, through the ‘View Profile’ page, you can view your posts and the cross will delete any of your posts.

  • What do I do if I see something inappropriate from another user’s post?

    Please contact our Customer Support team at [email protected] with the user, post and why you feel it is inappropriate.

  • How can I see the posts I like?

    After logging on, select ‘View Profile’ to view the posts you have liked.

  • One of the pictures posted on your site is mine and I have not given permission to use it.

    Please advise if there are any pictures posted without the appropriate authorization. Contact our Concierge Team at [email protected] with the request and we will action this as soon as possible.

  • What are the three icons at the bottom of the pictures?

    Share through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and email

    Like (heart icon) a post

    Add a post to the wishlist (star icon)

Order and Payment :

  • What payment methods are available?

    You can make payments can either be made via Bank Transfer (using ATM, m-banking, e-banking) or Credit Card (VISA or Mastercard).

  • What if I forget to confirm my order for a Bank Transfer?

    Unfortunately, your order will not be processed until you have confirmed it in through the site.

  • How will I know that you have been received my order?

    After you place an order via our website, our system will send you a confirmation email with your contact details and your order details. If there are any incorrect details, please contact our Concierge Team at [email protected] as soon as possible.

  • How can I track the progress of my order, and payment or shipment?

    For any inquiries, please send an email to our Concierge Team at [email protected] After verifying your identity, they will be able to provide the additional details on your order.

  • I really want to buy the product from my friend’s post but it has not been updated with a buy option in the shop yet. When will Kufed sell it?

    The Kufed team will work as quickly as possible to source all quality products through the site. When a store has been sourced and consignment has been confirmed, the buy option will be available. For now, please include this item on your wishlist and you will receive a notification when it is updated.

  • Why is it out of stock while the website still has the stock?

    Unfortunately, the stores may share inventory with other stores and may not have provided an updated inventory list showing the item is out of stock.

  • How long does it typically take to confirm my bank transfer has been successfully received?

    Bank transfers will be monitored during the weekday and when the payment has been confirmed, an email will be sent. Depending on the bank and method of payment it can take up to 48 hours to have the payment confirmed.

Shipping :

  • How long will it take to send a product to rural area?

    Areas outside of Jakarta may take slightly longer to deliver to. Please contact our Concierge Team at [email protected] after the courier has been assigned and we can provide an indicative timing on the delivery.

  • What if I need to change my address?

    Any changes should be informed to Concierge Team as soon as possible. You can either email or call our Concierge Team about your preference address.

  • What happens if my order is damaged when I receive it?

    Please contact the Concierge Team at [email protected] with your order number, and photos of the damage. The team will be in contact shortly to identify the issue and steps to replace the order.

  • What happens if I buy a gadget and it is faulty but the delivery showed no damage?

    Please contact the Concierge Team at [email protected] with your order number. We will contact the store immediately and organise a replacement if it is an issue with the product.

Product Details :

  • I cannot find much information about the product I want to buy.

    Each post must be provided with enough information about the product. If you need more information on a specific product, please contact the Concierge Team at [email protected] with the product details and query.

  • I would like to sell my products on your website, how can I do this?

    Please contact the Concierge Team at [email protected] with a brief description and sample of the products along with your contact details. Our merchandisers will be in contact shortly on the next steps.

Product Request :

  • My friend recently bought a cool item from overseas and I can’t find it anywhere, can you help me buy it?

    Absolutely! Contact our Concierge Team or complete the form through and let our team source this for you. We’ll revert as soon as possible with a quote and estimated delivery time for your purchase

  • Are there restrictions on the products?

    Please don’t hesitate to contact our team for any requests. The communication channels are set up to be quick and easy for you to ask anything within reason. Of course we will not be bringing in anything illegal and our team will determine viability of each request.

  • I found something from a country far away, are you sure you can help?

    Let our team explore the logistic channels available to us and we’’ll revert with a confirmation.

  • How much does the Concierge service cost?

    All queries and quotes are free to make for anyone, try our service anytime. The quotes provided will be all inclusive and delivered to your door.

Social Media Profile :

  • opens the world of shopping to Indonesia. View our extensive selection of quality lifestyle products from local and international brands, or contact our Concierge Team to source the goods you want.

  • opens the world of shopping to Indonesia. View our quality lifestyle products from local and international brands, or contact us to source the goods you want.

Concierge Landing Page :

  • Try our new concierge service! The team is here to help you find what you want and make your life easier. We at Kufed pride ourselves in our customer service and want to bridge the offline and online shopping experience.

  • Contact us at anytime through the Product Request function or if you’re on the run, use the following channels:

  • Email : [email protected]

  • Whatsapp : +62 822 11 888 101

  • Line : kufedsupport

  • Save our contacts and contact us anytime, any day and our team will revert as soon as possible. There are no additional costs and you do not need to be registered to use this service.

  • How does product request work?

  • Find a product you like from around the world. Click our product request button or contact our Concierge Team and provide as much details as possible. Our team will find a source and revert with the price (this includes all delivery charges to your door) and the approximate delivery time.

  • Once you’ve agreed on the product, register as a user, make the payments and it enjoy your new product shortly.

  • How can we help you?

  • Request a product - Travelling overseas? Seen a new product on social media? Been inspired from a friend’s recent purchase? Contact us and send as much information on the product so we can help source it for you
  • Product queries - If you need more details specific to your needs, we can always ask the vendors to provide additional information
  • Order queries - find more information about the timing or progress update of your order. If there are changes to the shipping address, notify us and we’ll update the logistics team
  • Assistance to help you register - Those who are time poor but want to use our services, we can help register and even place orders for you
  • Customised requests - Let our team cater to your needs. Add a customised note or make the packaging unique, the customisation is up to you.
  • Too busy to shop - Love to browse but don’t have the time to finish all the forms? Let our concierge team make it easier for you. We’ll setup everything you need then you just need to pay and wait for your product
  • New products - Not too sure where to buy the products? Come to us with a link or photo and what ever details you have on hand. We’ll try our best to source what you need and make some recommendations for you
  • Payments options - International shopping has always been a problem, let us bridge that gap and our team will make the payments first while you can use our secure and local payment options for your purchases
  • Logistic solutions - Delivering items from different sites can be a challenge for lots of users. Let our team use our network and find the solution to get it to your door

Terms and Conditions :

  • Our team will respond as soon as possible for all requests. Response times will vary during holiday and weekend periods.
  • Our team can not and will not participate in any illegal activities
  • While we will strive to achieve all requests, some factors may be out of our control
  • Any request can be refused at our discretion
  • Prices may vary accordingly as vendors adjust prices for higher demand items
  • Delivery times may change as vendors may encounter stocking or shipping issues


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